Kid's Tableware for ColorFULL Plates & Imaginations * BPA-Free * Scratch and Impact Resistant * Dishwasher Safe * Shatterproof

We are a paper plate house. Why Colorfull Plates?

Save the time buying more paper plates and save your money! Plus, they are dishwasher safe. Toss them in the washer and they will be brand new before the next mealtime. Colorfull Plates pay themselves off with each happy plate!

Can we put a Colorfull Plate in the microwave?

Nope. Honestly, you don’t want to do that anyways. We get it, you’re busy, but it’s not good for you overall. There are tons of studies on this matter. We highly suggest you use the time preparing your Colorfull Plate to engage with your littles and enjoy the plating process. Whether that be stirring oatmeal together or making pineapple stars, slowing down to make a nice plate always feel great.

What happens when a kid’s plate is a Colorfull Plate?

Easy question. Kid’s eye light up, their smiles become brighter and they start seeing their own potential. All because they saw a character that resembles them on their plate. Colorfull Plates open the dialogue about imagination, future professions and of course, space travel. It just comes with the territory.