Kid's Tableware for ColorFULL Plates & Imaginations * BPA-Free * Scratch and Impact Resistant * Dishwasher Safe * Shatterproof

“ I started Colorfull Plates in 2017 when my son told me he wanted to be an astronaut. We searched high and low and found zero astronauts that looked like him. WE FOUND NONE. My quest to make his dreams feel like a reality began, and Colorfull Plates was born. Colorfull Plates was created for one reason: to help children see themselves as colorfully as they do in their imaginations, especially in the STE(A)M field... as astronauts, engineers, and even as ballerinas; which we incorporate by offering seasonal arts collections. We believe that all children should see themselves doing the things they imagine.” - Robin Oloyede, Founder and CEO

Our thoughtfully designed plates let your children fly through the stars with carrots, and conquer the world with their favorite meals.

Photo by karelnoppe/iStock / Getty Images

Colorfull Plates are:

BPA-Free, Non-toxic

100% melamine, no filler

Scratch and impact resistant

Dishwasher safe


At the end of the day, here’s what we know. Self image is everything.  As parents ourselves, our dedication focuses on providing our children with the essential nutrients they need to grow, and encouraging our children to reach their full potential and live their dreams.

And this really is about our children: their dreams, their imaginations, what gets them excited to play.

At Colorfull Plates, we believe in the power of healthy eating, positive self image and encouraging little ones to become the COLORFULL  person they are in their dreams.