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Everyone Can Help

Everyone Can Help

Dinner time together is a tradition that we make sure to do as a family.  It is another avenue we stay connected as a family.  I don't know about you but my kids always want to help out in the kitchen.  Majority of the time, items are too hot for them to handle or there is so much shaking and moving that another body by the stove is more of a hindrance.  Kids love to feel involved and there are plenty of other things we as parents can do to help nurture their desires to be great helpers.  There are a few things kids can help with and if you have some more suggestions, we'd love to hear them so comment below. #littlethingscount 


-Let them wipe the table clean before and or after dinner.

-Place forks, spoon, and napkins at every seat.

-Take water cups to the table.  Allow them to practice filling water cup if they are coordinated.

-Allow them to carry their Colorfull Plates bowl or plate to the table.  The lips on our bowls were designed for little fingers to grip.

-Let them put their dirty dishes in/beside the sink.

Just remember parents, allow them do do whatever makes you comfortable.  You know your kid(s) best and are aware of their capabilities.


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