Hi, I'm Robin and welcome to Colorfull Plates!

Robin OloyedeHowdy! Nice to meet you. I'm Robin Oloyede, and the creator of Colorfull Plates. I am a dedicated churro lover, lover of plates full of color (give me a greek salad anyday).  Born in Houston, I have an educational background in marketing but I prefer to ask questions instead of giving answers. 

How Colorfull Plates started: 

I started Colorfull Plates in 2017 when my son told me he wanted to be an astronaut. We searched high and low and found zero astronauts that looked like him. WE FOUND NONE. My quest to make his dreams feel like a reality began, and Colorfull Plates was born. Colorfull Plates was created for one reason: to help children see themselves as colorfully as they do in their imaginations, especially in the STE(A)M field... as astronauts, engineers, and even as ballerinas; which we incorporate by offering seasonal arts collections. We believe that all children should see themselves doing the things they imagine.

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