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Profession Exploration: What do paleontologists really do?

Profession Exploration: What do paleontologists really do?

If you were wondering, here a five simple, but amazing things that paleontologists do during their career. If your kiddo wants to become a paleontologist, what part of the job would they love to do most? 

1. Did you know that paleontologists study more than just dinosaurs?

Paleontologists study all sorts of different organisms that lived in the past, including plants, animals, and even microorganisms. They often find fossils of these organisms while they are out in the field, and they use these fossils to learn about the ecology and evolution of ancient ecosystems.

2. Paleontologists use a variety of tools to study fossils.

Paleontologists use a variety of tools to study fossils, including microscopes, X-ray machines, and CT scanners. They also use chemical analyses to learn about the composition of fossils and how they formed.

3. Paleontologists work in a variety of settings.

Paleontologists often work in museums, universities, or research institutes. However, they may also work in the field, where they collect fossils from dig sites.

4. Paleontologists have a wide range of responsibilities.

Paleontologists may be responsible for conducting research, teaching classes, or supervising students. They may also be involved in public outreach or museum curation.

5. Paleontology is a dynamic field of science!

Paleontology is constantly changing as new discoveries are made and new technologies are developed. This makes it an exciting field to work in, as there is always something new to learn!


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