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How We Get Ready for Santa's Arrival

How We Get Ready for Santa's Arrival

Christmas is just around the corner, and that means it's time to get ready for Santa's arrival! Here are a few things we do to make sure our house is prepared for his visit.

1. We make sure the fireplace is clean. Santa comes down the chimney, so we want to make sure it's clean and clear before he arrives. We sweep it out and decorate it with some festive greenery. And if we are at our family's house that don't have a fireplace, we make sure all doorways are clutter free so Santa can come in quietly!

2. We bake cookies. What's Santa without some delicious cookies? We like to bake a big batch of sugar cookies and leave them out for Santa with a glass of milk.

3. We set out a plate of carrots. Santa's reindeer need something to eat too, so we always leave out a plate of carrots for them on Christmas Eve.

Getting ready for Santa's arrival is one of our favorite things to do during the holiday season! It's so much fun getting the house ready and imagining him coming down the chimney on Christmas Eve. Do you have any special traditions for getting ready for Santa? Email us your traditions to and get a special holiday gift from us! 


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