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What makes family mealtimes so special

What makes family mealtimes so special

Every family has their own traditions, and one of the most important ones is mealtimes. Mealtime is special because it's where families bond over delicious food together. It can also be a great way to connect with your kids by getting them involved in cooking or even just setting the table! Mealtimes are not only an opportunity to eat some yummy treats, but they're also a time for bonding and teaching valuable life skills. So next time you sit down for dinner, remember what makes this mealtime so special!

It is important that every member of your family feels involved in these gatherings so here are some ideas for involving everyone:

1) Let each person take a turn choosing what will be served at dinner  

2) Ask one person to reveal something they are thankful for before eating  

3) Play games during mealtime such as "I spy" or "Would You Rather"

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